What OS's Will This Software Work With?
The software works on every OS from Windows 95 to Windows 7!

Is this service only available to UK customers?
Nope. The streams can be accessed almost anywhere worldwide!!

Do I Need An Antenna?
The streams come through the internet so no external antenna is required!

Can I Put The Software On Multiple Computers
Yes, As Many As You Like!

Are There Any Hidden Costs?
This software is FREE and we charge you not a PENNY for it. We just ask that you fill out a simple survey accurately for access to the software. Not much to ask is it?

Is This Legal?
As legal as visiting youtube! You are not downloading anything illegal and these programmes merely find streams available FREELY on the internet!

How Many Channels Are There?
There are literally thousands of channels online and to make sure you can access them all, we've compiled several programs together so you can view them all!!!

What Is The Picture Quality Like?
The quality varies from streams but some are even in HD!

Will I Need Additional Software?
Our programmes will install everything for you, you may wish to update your Windows Media Player and Realplayer though to make sure you have no trouble viewing!

Are There Future Updates Available?
Absolutely! Every so often our software is upgraded and to get the new updated version you just need to fill out another survey!!

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